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Manual installation of TPmail 1.0. Step-by-step instructions

To setup and use the package TPmail is neccessary to have the installed in system a program sendmail version 8.12 or higher.
Further you must the followed sequence of steps.

Setp 1.
Check: turned on in sendmail support of Milter API. Find in a file /etc/mail/ the line with option
"O InputMailFilters". If a such line is presented, the sendmail installed with option libmilter. If is not found, the you must follow your sendmail's instructions to add this library.

Step 2.
Install package TPmail.

For FreeBSD 4.x type this:
# pkg_add sma-stat-1.2.tgz
# pkg_add milter-agent-1.1.tgz
# pkg_add milter-connect-1.1.tgz
# pkg_add milter-quota-1.1.tgz

For FreeBSD 5.x 6.x type this:
# pkg_add sma-stat-1.2.tbz
# pkg_add milter-agent-1.1.tbz
# pkg_add milter-connect-1.1.tbz
# pkg_add milter-quota-1.1.tbz

Step 3.
In M4 file for sendmail's or you must add the corresponding lines from files with extension .mc for each module, for example, or just copy all these lines from the supplied file in package.
Now re-build the configuration file
# cd /etc/mail; make cf
Sure, that a line with "O InputMailFilters" looks like this:
O InputMailFilters = milter-connect, milter-quota, milter-agent
A order must be as given above, therefore you must add the lines from a corresponding files with extension .mc only in the indicated order.

Step 4.
For FreeBSD 4.x.
Copy a file rc.milter into catalog /etc.
For FreeBSD 5.x and higher.
Copy a file rc.milter into catalog /etc/rc.d.
Further for all systems.
Add the corresponding lines in /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.conf.local. These lines can be found in the supplied file rc.conf.

Copy a corresponding lines from a packag's supplied syslog.conf and newsyslog.conf into the corresponding files /etc/syslog.conf and /etc/newsyslog.conf.
Type these commands:
# cd /var/log
# touch milter_agent.log milter_connect.log milter_quota.log
# killall -HUP syslogd

Step 6.
Copy a corresponding configuration files for each module into catalog /etc/mail. By default all is commented, i.e. no actions.

Step 7.
For FreeBSD 4.x.
Type these commands:
# cd /etc/mail.
# make stop
# make install
# sh /etc/rc.milter

For FreeBSD 5.x or higher.
Type these commands:
# sh /etc/rc.d/sendmail stop
# sh /etc/rc.d/milter start
# sh /etc/rc.d/sendmail start
You must see on system console the output of filter's names, that are running successfully. If you don't see a name of module, then see a corresponding log of the module to find a reason.

Step 8.
Check logs for filter's successfil running.
Check a log of sendmail (maillog), that sendmail didn't had a problems during our modules running.
Send a test mail message.
Check all logs. If in logs you see a correctly logged a message passing, then we had a successful installation and running of package.

Now we can tune a package, looking for our specific requirements.

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