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TPmail 1.0. Universal system of mail messages processing.

TPmail is an universal system of the mail messages processing.

Main concurrent advantages of system are the following:

(*) Insertion and integration
System could be integrated into existing mail systems of organization or could be used as a main mail system for enterprise.

(*) Modular architecture
Allow to add a new functionaly.

(*) Scalability
Can bed used for small companies or national centers.

(*) Archives and storages of mail messages
Use of mail archives with a possible insertion of search system "TpSearch".

(*) Built-in anti-spam protection
Effective algorithms of non-content filtering. It decreases a mail server loading, because a decision about receiving or rejection of a given message had done during a stage of the message's evelopes processing. It allows one server to accept upto one million during day. Non-content anti-spam protection is allowed to preserve of privacy unlike content filter systems. Effectivness of anti-spam filter can be reached 99 percents (of course, traffic volume dependancy).

(*) Insertion of external programs/modules for additional processing
Easy and flexible are integrated many programs of third-party vendors, for example:
spam content filters (SpamAssassin and others);
antivirus programs (ClamAV, DrWeb, KAV and others);
transparent encryption (PGP,GnuPG and others);

(*) Incoming/outgoing mail control in real-time
Messages can be sent, delayed or no delivered (to abonent) in real-time with a operator's constant control.

(*) Detailed statistics
Detail mail statistics for all messages and abonents.

(*) Mail traffic quotas.
Volume and total quotas of mail messages.

(*) Traffic filteration
Mail messages can be filtered by black/white lists (addresses, messages contents)

(*) State inspection of system's modules
At any timr is it possible to get a detail knowledges about the current state modules for system.

(*) User's interface
It is used the standard text cofigurations. It is possible to use a Web interface addionally.

(*) Customization by requirements
System is allowed to add a more functionaly by customer's requirements.

System had built on the basis OS FreeBSD, mail server sendmail.
At current time it is possible to use others OS's (Solaris, Linux).

Technical materials by system are given additionally.







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