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Mail package TPmail for Unix systems


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TPmail 1.0. General introduction.

To understand of the working principles of package TPmail and succesfull work with it users or administrators must have the basic knowledge of Unix systems administration, mail server sendmail, understand the e-mail protocoles like SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), know and understand a well-known standards like RFC (Request For Comments).

A package TPmail is a powerful and effective tools of the intermediate processing for mail messages. It works in the middle of receiving or sending between the mail server (for example, sendmail) and mail client program (for example, procmail or mail). Package TPmail had developed to work with mail servers on Unix platforms.

Main features of package TPmail are give below:

confidentiality preservation during checking to spam presence (privacy guard);
scalability and modularity of architecture;
detail statistics reports in nice HTML format;
static white and black lists defined by user;
delayed delivery ("grey-listing");
dynamic white/black list (by sender/receiver);
regular expressions support;
non-content filtering of non-legacy delivery (anti-spame filter);
inserting of additional modules or programs to expand the functionaly;
add/remove users from lists of receivers, including address forwarding;
support of authenticated users (SMTP AUTH, RFC 2254);
change of service headers of message;
change of message's body;
dynamic lists of preliminary caching and blocking;
mail traffic quotas;
connections rate control;
quotas for users mailboxes;
quotas syncronization of users mailboxes quotas between two servers;
control of mail sending from users computers through mail server;
levels of events detalization for logs;
dynamic reconfiguration;
view of current configurations and states, including all lists and caches;
temporary dynamical quotas during receiption (checking white lists);
list of local recipients for mail transparent routing;







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