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TPmail 1.0. Contents and architecture

Package TPmail provides an uniform way to control mail stream and mail messages processing. Using Milter API for sendmail server, a package TPmail hides from administrator complexity of this implementation. Instead, TPmail provides to the administrator a simple, clear, transparent and effective ready system to process the mail messages. It alllows the administrator to solve the application tasks with a known easy, and also to expand the mail system upto a wanted functionality level.

A package TPMAIL contains the following modules: sma_stat, milter-connect, milter-quota, milter-agent.
Module sma_stat is provided the statistical processing of logs of sendmail.
Module milter_agent is provided to add an external program-filters, for example, to check a virus presence in a message or mail censor (content filter).
Module milter_connect is provided the non-content filter by various lists defined by user, and also is contained anti-spam filter.
Module milter_connect is provided the quotas of mail traffic, management of dynamic lists of blocking, protection of sendmail to avoid an overloading.

Each module is solved an own modules and is not crossed by properties with others. In this time any module could be used independely from other modules. But interaction between these modules can give a more effective results. For example, the antivirus script (running by milter-agent), detecting in the message the virus, sends an information about host and sender to dynamic blocking list of milter-quota, effectively and simple blocking the delivery of viruses from the infected hosts.

A such way, using a milter mechanism in sendmail a TPmail package modules successfully are integrated in the message processing on all stages of this messages delivery. A such closest integration is allowed TPmail to be an effective intermediate processing agent, and in same time to expand the sendmail functionalites to filter and process the mail messages. Please note again that we say - "intermediate processing agent". This means that TPmail is accepted only a messages, but is not routed and is not delivered to local recipient(s). TPmail is used only the standard features provided by milter and is not crossed the boundaries defined by milter mail processing model.

At present moment a package TPMAIL is oriented for small and middle organizations. Usually a such organizations have upto 1000 mail accounts and mail traffic volume upto 300000 messages per day.

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