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Mail package TPmail for Unix systems


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Installation of the package TPmail in a system.

Before the installation you must copy a license file tpmail.key into catalog /usr/local/etc.
To install a package TPmail on FreeBSD platform run the installation script:
# ./

The installation script, binary packages and configuration files archive must be located in the same catalog. The installation script can be used in the automatic or manual mode. In the manual mode the installation is continued in the mode "step-by-step" with a confirming of each step. In the auto mode the installation is continued without a manual operator's control.
The sample output of the installation it is possible to see on the screenshots. If in the manual mode to reply on all questins "no" then no actions will be performed at all.

Screenshots (

FreeBSD 4.11
Install demo screen 1. Installation demo screen 1
Install demo screen 2. Installation demo screen 2

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