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Various schemes to use of package TPmail 1.0

A package TPmail is allowed to use various schemes to work.
Let's take a look to the typical schemes to use of the package.

Scheme 1.
Use together TPmail+sendmail on the external mail server accepting all incoming mail. It is a very happy case because it is possible to use all posssibilities of the packages without any limitations. If this server is the transit server and you don't want to filter mail here but you may enable the messages marks by the anti-spam filter and really filter on the other server.

Scheme 2.
Use together TPmail+sendmail on the transit (intermediate) mail server accepting all transit mail also incoming outside. In this case it is possible to use only partially the package's possibilities. Standard anti-spam module cannot be used in this case because it is required to be first in a chain accepting all incoming external mail (module must be present on the first accepting mail server). But for the organizations that will be used a such scheme there is possible to use the TPmail with the module test_lmta. A given module even if it don't have a direct interaction with a server-sender can be marked the messages (spam or no-spam) or just make a statistics to evaluate the work of the anti-spam filter using a corresponding scripts. In this case the usage cannot give enough reliable results because the algorithm LMTA don't have a exact parameters for its work but have only a partial restored parameters. Generally, this case is recommended only for the evalaution tests of the package TPmail (estimation of possibilities of the package's anti-spam filter or comparison tests with other packages).

Scheme 3.
The server sendmail is not used at all. In this case it is possible to use the same module test_lmta, but it is neccessary to have the intermediate module for the selected mail server. At present time a such external filter is made only for the server Communigate Pro.

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