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News and events for 2004 year

22 December 2004
Algorithm LMTA inserted into module milter-connect for test running (without real rejects during message processing).

4-6 December 2004
Burning of algorithm LMTA (Legacy Mail Testing Algorithm).
Algorithm LMTA is the example of good heuristic algorithm (dynamic checking of sender legacy).
Algorithm LMTA gives a many thanks to Eug. N. Korshunov (main system administrator of RadioMayak).

November 2004
Creation of milter module milter-connect as tool of connections filter for sendmail.
Initially module is expected as an effective filter for IP addresses as addition for program "milter-regex".

October 2004
Creation of milter module milter-agent as tool to use of any external programs.
Firstly milter-agent is used to run the antivirus programs DrWeb, KAV.
As demonstration forthe universality and effectiveness of module milter-agent was written a simple script
to cure "infected" messages with using of popular antiviruses as DrWeb KAV.

August-September 2004
Created program sma_stat as replace of known program "sma".
Today program sma_stat is one of best tools of logs processing for sendmail.

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