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News and events for 2005 year

July-October 2005
Package TPmail was gone for beta-phase testing for several external organizations.
After 1-2 months of testing package was started a real work.
During this testing many errors and bugs were fixed, added new features by user's requests.
Without serious external testing and work is impossible to create a very reliable software.

April 2005
Package TPmail was ported on Linux RedHat 9.

March 2005
Creation of module milter-quota as tool of mail traffic quotas and protection of sendmail from DoS attacks.

14 February 2005
Burning of algorithm RHTA (Received Header Testing Algorithm).
Algorithm RHTA analyses the message headers for RFCs compliance.

Early February 2005
Algorithm LMTA was added into module milter-connect in rejection mode during messages processing.
Added mechanism of local exceiptions (accounts).

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