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News and events for 2006 year

23 November 2006
From support section you can download now the evaluation versions of program sma_stat for the platorms FreeBSD, Linux, Windows.

5 September 2006
Beginning of commercial verions of TPmail 1.0 shipping for platform FreeBSD (x86) and mail server sendmail.

1 September 2006
Package TPmail 1.0 is ready to a commercial shipping.

August 2006
Stared a work for create of anti-spam filter for mail server Communigate Pro (FreeBSD).
This filter now is in the external testing phase.

End of April 2006
Module sma_stat was ported to platform Solaris 9 (Sparc).

4 April 2006
Module sma_stat was ported to platform Microsoft Windows.

14 February 2006
Package TPmail 1.0 was ported to platform Solaris 9,10 (x86).

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