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22 July 2008
Now the package TPmail can be used the USB token RuToken from the company Activ as the license storage .

24 June 2008
It was finished the internal testing of the Kaspersky-AntiSpam, Spamoborona, VadeRetro,SpamAssassin and TPmail. The testing traffic was created by the program trafgen. TPmail was showed the best results as the scalable support under the heavy loading, simplicity and easyness of the configuration.

20 April 2008
OS FreeBSD 6.3 and 7.0 (amd64) are supported now.
OS FreeBSD before 6.2 are supported no longer.

20 March 2008
The package TPmail was successfully tested under the heavy mail traffic. This traffic was created by the newest traffic generator program trafgen with the real Internet emulation technique.
The TPmail was ejected about 1000000 spam connects per day.

4 January 2008
The package TPmail was ported to Suse 8/9 Linux.
The full documentation is available also in English.

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