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Mail package TPmail for Unix systems


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Documentation for package TPmail

In this section you can find the detail documentation for a package TPmail.
Additional materials could be found in a support section.

TPmail 1.0. General introduction.
Package TPmail 1.0. Datasheet brochure.
Hardware and software requirements for the system.
License policy.
Media package description.
Service for registered clients.
TPmail 1.0. Contents and architecture.
Various schemes to use of TPmail
Installation of package TPmail into the system.
Deinstallation of package TPmail from the system.
Configuration of package TPmail.
Updates installation for package TPmail.
Quick start with package TPmail.
Module sma_stat. Description and usage.
Module milter_agent. Description and usage.
Module milter_connect. Description and usage.
Module milter_quota. Description and usage.
Spam filtering with help of algorithms LMTA and RHTA.
Typical tasks for sendmail and its soltions on the base of TPmail
User's non-automatic installation TPmail 1.0. Detail instructions
Dictionary of terms, agreements, abbreviations (glossary).

Archived documentation to view on local computer (english, HTML, tar.gz).
Archived documentation to view on local computer (english, HTML, zip).
Images for archived documentation (tar.gz).
Samples of real configurations (ASCII, tar.gz).
E-mail stanadrds in RFC documents (ASCII, tar.gz).
E-mail stanadrds in RFC documents (ASCII, zip).

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